tour procedure

A step by step guide to the tours we run:

1. You need to arrive 10-15 minutes before the planned start! Unless payment has already been made via PayPal participants have to pay for the tour and deposit a form of security for the excess (e.g. a valid photo ID).

2. Dress appropriately for the weather (temperature, rain); for quad tours you may bring your own safety clothing (helmet and gloves).

3. The specific vehicle (E-scooter, quad) is handed over and explained to you. For E-scooter tours cycle helmets are provided free of charge and it is recommended that they are worn.
For quad tours helmets can be hired (€ 5.00) and hair caps bought for hygiene reasons (€ 5.00). For quad tours gloves are recommended as well!

4. Without exception all participants must produce a photo ID which is recorded electronically. Quad tour participants must produce a valid category B driving licence and bring it with them.

5. The disclaimer of liability, which has already been communicated on the homepage, needs to be signed by all participants (or by their parents or legal guardians) before the beginning of the tour.

6. We will wait for a further five minutes after the planned start time. Anyone that does not come on time can unfortunately no longer take part. Please be considerate to the other participants and be punctual (see point 1).

7. The event organiser reserves the right to bar people from participating if there are any concerns with regard to their physical or mental state. People participating in the event may not be under the influence of alcohol (limit: 0.1 blood alcohol level) nor medication or drugs!
Moreover, the event organiser reserves the right to ban persons from continuing to drive the hired vehicle, who repeatedly disregard the safety instructions and as a result put themselves or other people at risk.

8. On returning, the hired vehicles and other items are to be given back. Toilets, a shower and changing facilities are available to participants free of charge at our site – 1030 Wien, Erdberger Lände 2.

Please tell your friends and acquaintances about your tour – we would love to be able to welcome you and them again on one of our tours!